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Joe Cheray- Owner


Hello I am Joe Cheray ,the owner and manager of Kansans and Friends In Weight Loss. I started Kansans and Friends In Weight Loss on Nov 21st, 2003.
I am a 36 year old Stay At Home Mom of an 8 year old boy.I currently live in Topeka KS and have hit a roadblock with my weight since taking Zoloft and birth control as of the last time I updated my bio on this site.  

I come from a really truamatic childhood and equally screwed up start in my early adult life.However, I have turned my negatives into postives and am working on making myself someone I can look into the mirror at and say that I am comfortable with who that person is staring back at me.

I am now leader of my WELCA group, serve on the library committee at church, am web master of creativExplosion for Jonathan FeBland. I have helped out with Washburn Universities Career and Graduate Fair for six semesters now.I am in my junior year of college at Washburn University.

Last year I did a booth at the state capital building for Health Day at the Capital Building where our topic was the HPV virus.

Kansans and Friends In Weight Loss, 705 Polk Apt. 29 Topeka, KS 66603